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On Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 6:01 AM, Rick Johnson
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> Python's module/package access uses dot notation.
>   mod1.mod2.mod3.modN
> Like many warts of the language, this wart is not so apparent when first
> learning the language. The dot seems innocently sufficient, however, in
> truth it is woefully inadequate! Observe:
>  name1.name2.name3.name4.name5
I find it reassuring to have these kinds of questions on the list, because
they actually remind me how brilliantly designed Python is.

As the user of a module I shouldn't care about the internal arrangement of
objects and files.  I don't care.  More than that, as the writer of a
module I should be free to refactor the internals of a module without
breaking existing code.

There is absolutely nothing wrong at all with the syntax. In fact, it's

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