ANN: Python training "text movies"

Franck Ditter nobody at
Mon Jan 14 07:34:58 CET 2013

In article <mailman.469.1358088303.2939.python-list at>,
 Jason Friedman <jason at> wrote:

> > That is right; I would also add that it may be overwhelming for a newbie
> > to be reading through a large "wall of text" -- here you have blank
> > space after the current paragraph so the attention is focused even more
> > on the last few lines.
> >
> > Additionally, since instructions scroll automatically, I can space them
> > out more than you would conventionally do in a manual.
> >
> Pretty cool.

When reading the source of the Web page which shows the scroll,
I can't find the reference to the text displayed. Only "text"...
How may we use the software which generates the Javascript ?
Thanks, it's cool.


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