Making a logging handler that produces context.

Antoon Pardon antoon.pardon at
Mon Jan 14 12:03:41 CET 2013

I have some in house code for which I am considering replacing the
logging code
with something that uses the logging module.

The code is typically used as a cron job with everything higher than
info logged to
a file and everything higher than warning logged to stderr.

However there is one thing the in-house log code does, that seems
difficult to do
with the logging module, provide some context. The in-house handlers
give the
possibilty to specify the number of lines of context the hander can provide.

So the following code:

Logger(fn = "file.log", level = info)
Logger(fl = stderr, level = warning, context = 2)

log(INFO, "line 1")
log(INFO, "line 2")
log(INFO, "line 3")
log(INFO, "line 4")
log(WARNING, "line 5")

Will sent something like the following lines to stderr:

INFO: line 3
INFO: line 4
WARNING: line 5

I tried the code below, but that produced the same
as the ordinary StreamHandler.

class ContextStreamHandler (StreamHandler):

    def __init__(self, stream=None, context = 5):
        self.recqueue = deque([], context)
        StreamHandler.__init__(self, stream)

    def handle(self, record):
        print("CONTEXT HANDLER")
        rv = self.filter(record)
        if rv:
                for rec in self.recqueue:
        return rv

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