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TKS, Ulrich.
    I finally write some back (self.transport.write()), and shutdown the

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> Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2013 13:46:52 +0100
> Subject: Re: interrupt the file sending if the file size over the
> quota...some errors here...
> Am 15.01.2013 10:46, schrieb Levi Nie:
>> i want to interrupt the file sending. but i can't change the client. so i
>> need change the server.
>> All things go well, but the message i wanna response seem not work.
> Ahem, what? It doesn't work, so does it sit on the couch all day?
>  is the self.transport.loseConnection(**) (the last line) blocking the
>> messages?
>> in fact, i work on Cumulus(nimbus project) which based on twisted. And i
>> use s3cmd as the client.
> I'm wondering if questions concerning twisted don't have a better forum.
> In any case, I can only comment on the general approach. For that, there
> are two things you can do:
> 1. When receiving the the request header, you have a content length. If
> that exceeds the allowed amount, shutdown() receiving and send an according
> HTTP response before closing the connection.
> 2. If the data exceeds the amount advertised by the content length, close
> the connection and discard the request. If you want to be nice, send an
> according response before closing, but I personally wouldn't go to that
> effort for broken HTTP clients.
> Concerning the question why your client hangs, it could also be the
> sending. If you try to send something before receiving the full request,
> client and server could enter a deadlock where each side waits for the
> other to receive some data. For that reason, you should shutdown()
> receiving in such a case.
> Uli
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