DLLs folder on Windows

Piotr Dobrogost p at gmane.2013.dobrogost.net
Wed Jan 16 12:46:10 CET 2013


I'm curious how dlls from the DLLs folder on Windows are being loaded? As they
are not placed in the same folder where python.exe resides I guess they must be
loaded by giving the path explicitly but I'm not sure. I'm asking because
there's no DLLs folder being created when creating virtualenv and I suspect it
should be.

This is a followup to my question "Why doesn't virtualenv create DLLs folder?"
(http://stackoverflow.com/q/6657541/95735) and to the virtualenv's issue 87 -
"Problems creating virtualenv on Windows when Python is not installed for all
users." (https://github.com/pypa/virtualenv/issues/87).

Piotr Dobrogost

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