Loading a PKCS#1 public key using M2Crypto

Piet van Oostrum piet at vanoostrum.org
Fri Jan 18 00:10:20 CET 2013

Marc Aymerich <glicerinu at gmail.com> writes:

> Thank you very much Piet, 
> I'm just starting to grasp these cryptography related concepts and your code is helping me a lot to understand how to handle these keys in a low level.
> I'm updating my code incorporating your new contribution!
> Just to let you know, during my previous research I had found a python-Crypto related solution that also uses DER and ASN.1 [1], but it uses a different approach (I guess). I suspect that this approach is also possible with M2Crypto because it has a method for constructing RSA keys [2]. 
> [1] http://stackoverflow.com/a/10574723
> [2] http://www.heikkitoivonen.net/m2crypto/api/M2Crypto.RSA-module.html#new_pub_key
new_pub_key could be used but then you would have to do an ASN.1 parse
of the DER format of your key to get the n and e values. AFAICT M2Crypto
doesn't have methods to do this, so you would need to use one of the
python ASN.1 libraries (or write that part yourself).
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