Thorough Python 2.7.3 Windows Build Documentation?

Stefan Krah stefan at
Thu Jan 17 17:12:42 CET 2013

Leonard, Arah <Arah.Leonard at> wrote:
> I?m building a 32-bit CPython 2.7.3 distro for Windows using the MS Visual
> Studio Professional 2008 SP1 (and all hotfixes) MSVC 9 compiler.  My build
> works, technically, but it also happens to benchmark over 30% slower than the
> precompiled binaries in the distributed Python 2.7.3 MSI.  Can anyone point me
> in the direction of some thoroughly detailed build documentation so that I can
> figure out how to get that 30% back with my build?

I think the official binaries use the PGO build. Be sure to run all tests
thoroughly, we've had problems in with the PGO build in 3.3.

Stefan Krah

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