Thorough Python 2.7.3 Windows Build Documentation?

Stefan Krah stefan at
Thu Jan 17 18:29:52 CET 2013

Leonard, Arah <Arah.Leonard at> wrote:
>	But after benchmarking a PGO build made by running the build_pgo.bat it turns out that it made no difference whatsoever to my performance loss.  Within an acceptable statistical variation in the benchmark tool itself my PGO build performed identically to my regular build.  Which means that I'm still running 30% slower than the precompiled binaries somehow even though I'm theoretically using the right compiler.  And which also means that I can neither confirm nor deny if the released precompiled binaries are PGO builds or not.

I remember that some versions of Visual Studio silently completed the PGO build
without actually having PGO capabilities. :)

I think for VS 2008 at least "Professional" is needed, for VS 2010 "Ultimate".

Stefan Krah

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