Thorough Python 2.7.3 Windows Build Documentation?

Leonard, Arah Arah.Leonard at
Thu Jan 17 19:10:17 CET 2013

> I remember that some versions of Visual Studio silently completed the PGO build without actually having PGO capabilities. :)

> I think for VS 2008 at least "Professional" is needed, for VS 2010 "Ultimate".

Well, that certainly sounds like Microsoft.  Fortunately I'm using VS 2008 Professional, so I guess that's not it.  :(  But thanks!

By the way, do you happen to know how tricky it is to get Python 2.7.3 to build with VS 2010?  Or have any tips there?  It doesn't seem to be officially supported, but it sure would be nice to get out of the dark ages of MS compilers and be only one version behind the latest.

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