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> The reason for disabling right-click has nothing to do with protecting
> content, and everything to do with stopping my students from taking the
> lazy way out.
> Given the chance, they'll copy/paste the code and download the designs and
> edit them slightly. They'd get through the tutorials in about 25 minutes
> and have learnt next to nothing.

Ha Ha! that is hilarious.  I haven't been a student for a while.  I guess I
am naive to think that young people would be interested, and take pleasure
in becoming proficient rather than just a quick way to get a better grade.

> In talking to students about existing resources, they said that blindly
> copying code didn't really help them get a deep understanding of algorithms
> and how to apply them to other problems.
> In the password-protected solutions i will provide downloads to source
> code, etc, and any student smart enough to get around my protection
> probably understands python basics :)
> Thanks for the comments.
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Joel Goldstick
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