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Who thought that not setting the “Reply replies to the ML” option was
a good idea?

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On Friday, January 18, 2013 7:20:13 PM UTC, Kwpolska wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 18, 2013 at 6:04 PM, Rik <rik.j... at> wrote:
> > The reason for disabling right-click has nothing to do with protecting content, and everything to do with stopping my students from taking the lazy way out.
> > Given the chance, they'll copy/paste the code and download the designs and edit them slightly. They'd get through the tutorials in about 25 minutes and have learnt next to nothing.
> Ways to overcome it:
> (a) curl/python -c 'import requests; requests.get('/wget
>; (a nice textarea with the code
> (b) browser development tools, view source keyboard shortcuts etc.;
> (c) OCR;
> (d) disabling JavaScript;
> (e) writing it by hand, because it is relatively short.
> > In talking to students about existing resources, they said that blindly copying code didn't really help them get a deep understanding of algorithms and how to apply them to other problems.
> Can’t you fail them (or whatnot) if they don’t learn that?  That
> sounds like the best solution to such problems.

Yeah I could, and maybe for larger problems i'll maybe not block the
code, I just find that students copy/paste the examples and *think*
they understand what's going on, and then aren't able to be
independent in solving similar problems. This way they are sort of
'forced' to actually understand the examples to a level that i'm happy
will hep them solve other problems. It's my job to guide their
learning in that way.
> > In the password-protected solutions i will provide downloads to source code, etc, and any student smart enough to get around my protection probably understands python basics :)
> WordPress ≠ Python, unless your password is a code used to generate
> the 01189998819991197253 number out of prime factorization or
> something like that.

Now that'd make a nice problem :)
> > Thanks for the comments.
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