Any algorithm to preserve whitespaces?

Dave Angel d at
Thu Jan 24 03:05:59 CET 2013

On 01/23/2013 07:49 PM, Steven D'Aprano wrote:
> Santosh Kumar wrote:
>> Yes, Peter got it right.
> Peter? Which Peter? What's "it" that he got right?
> You have deleted all context from your post, so I have no idea what you are
> talking about.


> And whatever program you are using to post is stripping out
> threading information, so I can't tell what post you are replying to.

You're not entirely right here.  Santosh's message threads correctly to 
mine when I look with Thunderbird. And mine is parallel to one by Peter 
Otten, who suggested rstrip() to get rid of the extra newline.  About 
10% of your posts show up as top-level (starting new threads), even 
though I know you're careful.  So there seem to be more than one 
threading protocol, and the multiple protocols are fighting each other. 
  I'd love to see a spec that I could use to (manually?) check whether 
the threads are right or not.

the relevant timestamps (at least as seen from USA EST zone) are
     Santosh at 4:20 am
        Peter Otten at 4:46 am
        DaveA  at 5:34 am
           Santosh at 9:56 am
     Steven D'Aprano at 7:49 pm

But your message was a reply to Santosh's 9:56 am message.

(I'm deleting the rest, because I'm not responding to the commandline 
parsing question)


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