handling return codes from CTYPES

Steve Simmons square.steve at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 09:02:51 CET 2013

Duncan, Mike, MRAB,

Thank you.  New technology set, same forgotten lesson - RTFM (all of it!).

Thanks also for the clarification on discarding objects and Garbage 
Collection.  Looks like I'll have to turn a large chunk of my previous 
understanding of (mainframe) languages 'inside out'.

I'm just wondering how often I'll have to chant "it isn't a variable, 
it's a name bound to an object" before I can write a chunk of code 
without spending ages pondering why it isn't working.

I already like Python for its clean design but I think it'll be a while 
before I love it completely.


On 21/01/2013 11:11, Duncan Booth wrote:
> Tell the function what type to return before you call it: InitScanLib
> = sLib.InitScanLib InitScanLib.restype = c_short See
> http://docs.python.org/2/library/ctypes.html#return-types You can also
> tell it what parameter types to expect which will make calling it
> simpler.

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