Windows problem

Tom Borkin borkintom at
Mon Jan 21 12:25:06 CET 2013

I have this code:

import os, subprocess, sys
lyrics_path = "/Users/Tom/Documents/lyrics"

songs = ['livin-la-vida-loca', 'whos-that-lady']
for song in songs:['notepad.exe', '%s.txt' % song])
my_songs_path = "aa english lyrics"
for song in my_songs:['notepad.exe', '%s.txt' % song])
  print song

It opens the first song and hangs on subsequent songs. It doesn't open the
next song or execute the print until I have closed the first one. I want it
to open all in the list, one after another, so I have all those songs
available. Please advise.
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