Using filepath method to identify an .html page

Dave Angel d at
Wed Jan 23 23:46:56 CET 2013

On 01/23/2013 01:36 PM, Mark Lawrence wrote:
> On 23/01/2013 18:19, Leonard, Arah wrote:
>> 3) This is a Python-specific resource and that's not even Python
>> code.  What next?  Javascript?  Ada?  Fortran?  COBOL?  8-bit x86
>> assembly with minimal comments written in Esperanto?
> Please can we have CORAL 66 mentioned on the odd occasion.
>> 4) The novelty of the entertainment resulting from this perversity has
>> waned, even for me.  The educational aspect to novice programmers has
>> likewise run dry.  I've now officially grown bored of your game and am
>> joining everyone else who already has already gotten off of this
>> kiddie ride.  Congratulations on beating a dead horse into mince-meat
>> and successfully milking the one-uddered cow until the pale is full.
>> I hope that you enjoyed your meal.
> Pail not pale :)
>> Or to borrow a phrase, "I say GOOD DAY, sir!"
> Or madam?

or 'script kiddie'


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