Arent these snippets equivalent?

Roy Smith roy at
Wed Jan 23 23:47:55 CET 2013

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 Chris Angelico <rosuav at> wrote:

> Personally, I'd much rather have a 'while' condition that does
> assignment, but that's something Python's unlikely ever to do.
> There've been various proposals to make that possible, but ultimately
> the only way to make that work is for assignment to be an expression,
> which is right up there alongside braces defining blocks.

while getchar() as c:

That would give people (including me) the use case they're after most of 
the time (call a function, assign the return value, and test it).  It's 
way less klunky than:

while True:
   c = getchar()
   if c:

It wouldn't require assignment as an expression, or braces, or any new 
keywords.  It would also be quite analogous to

except BogusThing as ex:

in both cases, the effect is "perform some action, grab a value which 
resulted from that, and if it passes some test, make it available in the 
next block bound to a name".

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