The best, friendly and easy use Python Editor.

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Thu Jan 24 16:54:55 CET 2013

On Jan 24, 2:43 pm, Hazard Seventyfour <hseventyf... at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I new in this python and decided to learn more about it, so i can make an own script :),
> for all senior can you suggest me the best, friendly and easy use with nice GUI editor for me, and have many a good features such as auto complete/auto correct.
> any recommend? Thanks ^_^

What editor you use does not matter. What matters is that you learn to
use the interpreter.

That is learn to use things like
- history
- last expression with _ (underscore)
- Using introspection to find out about odd stuff (ie use dir and
- Loading a python file
- And after things kind-of work, copy pasting into your editor

Here's a test to check whether youve got the idea: Do you think that
to write a program you need to write a 'main?' If yes then no!

[I personally use emacs. It would be sadistic to make that into a

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