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Neil Cerutti neilc at
Thu Jan 24 21:06:10 CET 2013

On 2013-01-24, Tim Chase <python.list at> wrote:
> On 01/24/13 10:23, Thomas Heller wrote:
>> Am 24.01.2013 16:54, schrieb rusi:
>>> [I personally use emacs. It would be sadistic to make that into a
>>> recommendation]
>> It would be truly sadistic to force a long-time emacs user to any
>> other editor.
> I saw the recommendation for Vim elsewhere on the thread and comment 
> the same as this sub-thread: "I personally use vim. It would be 
> sadistic to make that into a recommendation"  And likewise, it's 
> "truly sadistic to force a long-time vim user to any other editor." :-)
> Not that Vim isn't great for programming Python (which I do 
> daily) *is*!  It's just not where I'd throw somebody who 
> doesn't already have an existing editor preference *and* doesn't 
> know Python.

I agree.

Vim is great, Emacs is great. I'm glad I know one of them. But
learning one of them is as project unto itself. So selecting
either just for Python is skipping too many decisions and maybe
biting off too big a piece of the snake.

Neil Cerutti

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