Python to send Midi commands to iPad via USB

mikprog at mikprog at
Thu Jan 24 11:31:58 CET 2013

Dear all,

I am asking for a design/strategy suggestion.

What I have to do is to write a Python application that will send MIDI commands to an iPad application.
All I know is that the iPad application can be connected to an external Midi deck through a usb cable and be controlled.
So I think I would connect the iPad via USB to my computer and... try to send midi commands.
I think the limitation is that the iPad will allow signaling/connection only to Midi devices, so I have to make so that my Python script pretends that my computer is a Midi device.
So far I have tried PyUSB library and I can see the iPad, but I can't send anything to it (probably because I am not pretending to be a Midi device well enough).

I am keen to try PyUSB + pygame for the Midi stuff.

Any suggestion / recommendation / hint / whatever to tell me?
I appreciate every idea at this stage!

Thanks for reading,

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