using split for a string : error

inshu chauhan insideshoes at
Thu Jan 24 11:37:55 CET 2013

Here I have a code which basically reads a csv file, tries to compare the
last 2 items in each line of the file.

f = open(r"Z:\modules\Feature_Vectors_300_Pclass.arff")
for l in f:
    sp = l.split(",")
    if len(sp) != 11:
        print >> of, l,

        #print sp[9], sp[10]
        if sp[9] == sp[10]:
            print " Same class"
        else :
            print "Different class"


For me I think the programme is logically correct, but its giving me
results which are strange.
It is  Printing " Different Class"  even when sp[9] is equal to sp[10] and
"Same class" when sp[9] is not equal to sp[10].  and sp[9] and sp[10] are
simple integers like 3, 3, 4 ,4.

I have a little understanding why the programme is behaving like this ?
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