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Thu Jan 24 16:39:54 CET 2013

Duncan Booth <duncan.booth at invalid.invalid> writes:

> I'm not MySQL expert, but something like this might work:
> cursor.execute('''UPDATE visitors,counter 
> SET visitors.hits=visitors.hits+1, visitors.useros=%s,
>     visitors.browser =%s,
> WHERE AND = %s 
>     AND''',
>    (useros, browser, date, page, host))

I stopped surprising at MySQL syntax eons ago, so if that works... great!

Otherwise I would write the equivalent statement with a more "standard
syntax" (for whatever meaning of "standard" in the SQL world :-) as:

UPDATE visitors
   SET visitors.hits=visitors.hits+1, 
                    FROM counters

But I wonder about the "logic" here: why are you storing the "useros",
"browser" and "date" in a table where the primary key seems to be
("pin", "host")? I mean, what happens if a user visits the same page
twice, first with Firefox and then with Chrome?

hope this helps,
ciao, lele.
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