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Ferrous Cranus nikos.gr33k at
Sat Jan 26 11:35:42 CET 2013

Τη Παρασκευή, 25 Ιανουαρίου 2013 11:56:44 μ.μ. UTC+2, ο χρήστης Dennis Lee Bieber έγραψε:

			#find the visitor record for the (saved) cID and current host 
			cur.execute('''SELECT * FROM visitors WHERE counterID = %s and host = %s''', (cID, host) )                                   
			data = cur.fetchone()        #cID&host are unique
			if not data:
				#first time for this host on this page, create new record 
				cur.execute('''INSERT INTO visitors (counterID, host, userOS, browser, lastvisit) VALUES (%s, %s, %s, %s, %s)''',
																									(cID, host, useros, browser, date) )
				#found the page, save its primary key for later use 
				vID = data[0] 
				#UPDATE record using retrieved vID 
				cur.execute('''UPDATE visitors SET userOS = %s, browser = %s, hits = hits + 1, lastvisit = %s
									WHERE counterID = %s and host = %s''', (useros, browser, date, vID, host) )

Instead of the above logic which you provided and it works as expected, wouldn't be easier to just:

Try to update the 'visitors' record, for that 'page' and that 'host'
if update fails(doesnt return any data), then we insert a new record entry.

We dont have to check 'SELECT * FROM visitors WHERE counterID = %s and host = %s' first, this one less cursor.execute.

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