XML validation / exception.

Andrew Robinson andrew3 at r3dsolutions.com
Thu Jan 24 04:28:28 CET 2013

A quick question:

On xml.etree,
When I scan in a handwritten XML file, and there are mismatched tags -- 
it will throw an exception.
and the exception will contain a line number of the closing tag which 
does not have a mate of the same kind.

Is there a way to get the line number of the earlier tag which caused 
the XML parser to know the closing tag was mismatched, so I can narrow 
down the location of the mismatches for a manual repair? (I don't want 
auto-repair like beautiful soup. but google is worthless for finding a 

And secondly, for times where I want to throw a software/content 
specific error on valid XML files;
I don't see which attribute of an element, or method, allows me to find 
out the line number and column number that an element I am examining is 
found at.

? How do I get it ?

Cheers, --Andrew.

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