monolithic apps

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Fri Jan 25 15:00:37 CET 2013

> 2) Manipulate multiple gui apps while having the same UI as though there 
> was just one main window, and other windows all belong to it.  Multiple 
> GUI processes, but some central control to change the user experience 
> into resembling a single GUI app.
> You say this a topic for study, but there's a lot of other things you 
> may need to specify before you get to implementing.  What OS, what 
> version of Python, what GUI, are these apps modifiable, or are you just 
> allowed to write glue, ...
> -- 
> DaveA

Hey Thanks, Dave!
Definitely (2). However: you say "and other windows all belong to it."  That is not such a great idea as long as the main window can close the other windows. But that's the point.
I have a humongous commercial app in C++ on Win32.  (It could require porting at some time because main tools it uses could get ported by separate vendor) So what I'd like to do is write real-time imaging functions separately and control them using python scripting with whatever windows or overlayed images are needed.  Debug these separately and call+control them as individual stand alone, and glue together as needed.  glue being mainly python, and what is being glued would also be controlled as separate python modules. This ends up running as one monolithic application that looks the same (better I hope) as the previous huge monolithic win32 app.
thanks again!

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