Hello All

Dave Angel davea at davea.name
Mon Jan 28 13:55:42 CET 2013

On 01/28/2013 07:34 AM, Huey Mataruse wrote:
> I have been learning Python on my own and its been 1yr now and i still feel i dont know anything, is there a way that i can use to increase my way of learning.
> I feel there is more that i can do with python that other languages cannot.
> Please help.

Welcome to Python.

Nothing wrong with learning Python on your own, but if you feel you 
haven't made much progress in a year, perhaps your approach is 
inadequate, or perhaps you need more discipline in applying it.  Or 
maybe you actually know more than your realize.  If you could be 
specific in some concept that escapes you, maybe we could give some 
specific help.

First, your background.  Are you fluent in any other languages?  Have 
you any college training in any particular computer skills?  Do you use 
them in your work, or what?

Next, what have you been doing to actually try to learn?  Have you 
worked through a tutorial, and I mean really worked through it, writing 
programs for every exercise, not just read it, and hoped it'd stick?  If 
so, which tutorial?

Finally, what version of Python are you learning, and on what OS can you 
play?  Do you actually have it installed, or is this book learning?  Do 
you work in an environment where you could write an occasional utility 
in your own choice of language?  Or does it all need to be on your own time?

tutor at python.org is generally better suited for beginner's questions 
than python-list.  But since you're already here...


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