[os.path.join(r'E:\Python', name) for name in []] returns []

iMath redstone-cold at 163.com
Wed Jan 30 02:56:30 CET 2013

在 2013年1月29日星期二UTC+8下午9时33分26秒,Steven D'Aprano写道:
> iMath wrote: > why [os.path.join(r'E:\Python', name) for name in []] returns [] ? Because you are iterating over an empty list, []. That list comprehension is the equivalent of: result = [] for name in []: result.append( os.path.join(r'E:\Python', name) ) Since you iterate over an empty list, the body of the loop never executes, and the result list remains empty. What did you expect it to do? -- Steven

just in order to get the full path name of each file .

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