security quirk

Big Bad Bob BigBadBob-at-mrp3-dot-com at testing.local
Wed Jan 30 20:59:19 CET 2013

On 01/29/13 20:55, RichD so wittily quipped:
> I read Wall Street Journal, and occasionally check
> articles on their Web site.  It's mostly free, with some items
> available to subscribers only.  It seems random, which ones
> they block, about 20%.
> Anywho, sometimes I use their search utility, the usual author
> or title search, and it blocks, then I look it up on Google, and
> link from there, and it loads!  ok, Web gurus, what's going on?

in my last post, I quoted an article from 'The Register' where they talk 
about how Facebook (literally) "broke" that feature.

[this works in a LOT of places, but sometimes you have to enable cookies 
or javascript to actually see the content]

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