Michael Torrie torriem at
Wed Jan 30 18:16:15 CET 2013

On 01/30/2013 10:02 AM, Jorge Alberto Diaz Orozco wrote:
> I´ve tried it but it´s not reliable. Datagrams can arive disorganised or just not arive.
> Some programmers said I most use TCP, but I need to use UDP.
> that´s why I need pyrudp, but I can not find it.

Excuse me for chuckling, but your complaint that UDP packets can "arive
disorganised or just not arive" describes exactly what UDP does by
design! If you need to use UDP then you will have to live with this.  I
always consider UDP to stand for "UNRELIABLE datagram packets."  They
can and do come in any order, or not at all.  That's exactly the
expected behavior of UDP.

If you want to build a reliable connection on top of UDP you'll have to
invent some sort of tcp-like protocol that uses UDP packets.  An example
of a real all that does this is openvpn.  The Bell Labs Plan 9 RUDP
protocol is probably what you were shooting for by trying to use the
non-existent pyrudp code.  But I fear you'll have to implement it
yourself.  pyrudp is an empty project on Google Code.  The owner
intended to develop some code but never did.

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