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Thu Jan 31 05:32:42 CET 2013

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> Now, the good news is that because UDP-based protocols all run in user memory space (as opposed to TCP that runs privileged in kernel space) it is relatively straightforward for non-privledged users to write and test UDP transport schemes and this has become a fairly standard CS exercise at the graduate level.  If I were in your shoes, I'd start Googling for the papers published on protocols like HURRICANE, ATAU, or even just the general subject of UDP transport protocols.

I'd still include reading up on TCP. The RFC has a good bit about why
things are the way they are; when you're designing a protocol that
does similar things, it's worth getting an understanding of what your
predecessors did. Either you'll get some ideas ("yeah, that's how I'll
do it!") or you'll decide you can do better, but it's still worth a


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