python adds an extra half space when reading from a string or list

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Mon Jul 1 12:07:45 CEST 2013

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>Στις 1/7/2013 12:31 μμ, ο/η Steve Simmons έγραψε:
>> I don't know about the other members of this list but I am becoming
>> increasingly disturbed by the rudeness and especially the foul
>> that is being perpetrated on this thread. Please, if you have any
>> decency at all, continue the rest of this exchange by private email
>> allow python list members to continue discussing and helping each
>> with the python language and is adjuncts. Leave us in peace to enjoy
>> favoured language and let us see no more of your filth.
>> Sent from a Galaxy far far away
>I have kept in quite more than 2 weeks while kept reading any mail in 
>this list especially the endless conversation and numerous name
>against me.
>You should know that i'm fed up reading this.
>If i'm provoked i will respond.
>it is not in my intentons to troll the list or talk dirty, but also i 
>cannot withstand anymore people talk down to me like that, when the
>thing i doid was to ask some questions, which in turn helped us all.
>Especially i cant stand people which never to spend 5 mins to reply,
>they are devoted a couple of weeks to belittle me instead.
>What is now proved was at first only imagined!

I understand some of your frustrations, just as I understand the frustrations of those who have tried to help in spite of your sometimes poor understanding of the etiquette expected on this list.   On no account do I understand or endorse your continued loutish use of bad language so I repeat my request that you move the rest of this offensive conversation onto a private channel such as email.  The majority of people on this list are probably as sick of this thread as I am but choose not to challenge you.   Please leave. 

Sent from a Galaxy far far away
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