python adds an extra half space when reading from a string or list

Joshua Landau at
Tue Jul 2 11:34:54 CEST 2013

On 2 July 2013 08:22, Antoon Pardon <antoon.pardon at> wrote:
> Op 01-07-13 21:28, Joshua Landau schreef:
>> Well then you are wrong. But fine, I'll use your definition incorrect
>> as it may be (when talking to you, please don't misrepresent my other
>> posts).
>> Nevertheless, these statements that we are talking about, that I shall
>> now term "pseudo-insults", are unwanted and not called for. Please
>> keep them off-list.
> This doesn't make sense. This means that someone can behave like a jerk
> on this list, later tries to spin his behaviour as some innocent exchange
> of ideas and make it near impossible for others to make it clear what
> bullshit he is peddling because stating clearly how much like a jerk he
> behaved would be insulting. This is giving those who are behaving badly
> a huge advantage.

No it does not. I'd give you more of a counter but I actually have no
idea how you came up with that.

>>> Well nobody is representing the list. So where does that leave us?
>> I am afraid you are wrong. The body of people of this list, as a
>> whole, represent this list. As a whole, as I have shown, they resent
>> your pseudo-insults. rusi is an exception, who only seems to resent
>> Nikos's, but rusi has not fallen to pseudo-insults himself (herself?).
> You have shown no such thing. You have shown some people who resent
> my speaking clearly.

I'd prefer you use my less ambiguous term "pseudo-insults". If you'd
prefer, you can rename it. Using weasel-words helps nobody.

I have no problem with you "speaking clearly" in a literal sense. I
have a problem with your pseudo-insults. If you want to use "speaking
clearly" to mean "pseudo-insult", you're going to have to point out
that you're using words how they're not literally intended.

> That doesn't mean much, those that resent
> something are always making more noise than those who don't care or
> would even prefer it that way.

Only the people, no - person, making most noise is you. So you've
sort-a countered your point. Sort of. But it's hard to counter a point
that is basically just "well, despite the fact no-one supports my view
there might be other silent people who do".

> But for your ease of mind I'll make it clear I have no intention
> of haunting Nikos or of keeping him the subject of discussion.
> But should I stumble on a conversation in which his past behaviour
> is framed as him being innocentltly asking questions, I will point
> of what bullshit that is.

Fair enough. If that's all you did in this thread, then I wouldn't care.

But once again you seem to have missed the point that I and others
keep reiterating: pseudo-insults have no place on this list.

(If you need a reminder, pseudo-insults are just what other people
term "insults". You can change the name if you see fit.)

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