python adds an extra half space when reading from a string or list

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Tue Jul 2 14:01:23 CEST 2013

Op 02-07-13 11:34, Joshua Landau schreef:

> No it does not. I'd give you more of a counter but I actually have no
> idea how you came up with that.
Please answer the following question. If someone behaved incompetently,
how can I clearly state that fact when "incompetently" is seen as an
insult and insults don't belong on the list?

>>>> Well nobody is representing the list. So where does that leave us?
>>> I am afraid you are wrong. The body of people of this list, as a
>>> whole, represent this list. As a whole, as I have shown, they resent
>>> your pseudo-insults. rusi is an exception, who only seems to resent
>>> Nikos's, but rusi has not fallen to pseudo-insults himself (herself?).
>> You have shown no such thing. You have shown some people who resent
>> my speaking clearly.
> I'd prefer you use my less ambiguous term "pseudo-insults". If you'd
> prefer, you can rename it. Using weasel-words helps nobody.
> I have no problem with you "speaking clearly" in a literal sense. I
> have a problem with your pseudo-insults. If you want to use "speaking
> clearly" to mean "pseudo-insult", you're going to have to point out
> that you're using words how they're not literally intended.
What if using pseudo-insults was the most clear way to describe the
situation. Should I start looking for eufenisms?

>> But for your ease of mind I'll make it clear I have no intention
>> of haunting Nikos or of keeping him the subject of discussion.
>> But should I stumble on a conversation in which his past behaviour
>> is framed as him being innocentltly asking questions, I will point
>> of what bullshit that is.
> Fair enough. If that's all you did in this thread, then I wouldn't care.
> But once again you seem to have missed the point that I and others
> keep reiterating: pseudo-insults have no place on this list.
> (If you need a reminder, pseudo-insults are just what other people
> term "insults". You can change the name if you see fit.)
So what are the non-insulting terms for 

incompentent, (starting a webservice in a language you're a newby in,
making changes on the life server so that any typo you make, can take
your site out the air),

inconsiderate (behave annoyingly in multiple ways and despite poeple pointing
it out multiple times, mostly continue in the same manner, without taking
their remarks into account) and 

jerk (trying to spin your inconsiderate behaviour as you being the victim,
misrepresenting your behaviour when it is being discussed, always "explaining"
your behaviour, as if an explanation would make a difference to the annoyance
you caused to others...)

Antoon Pardon 

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