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Wed Jul 3 02:36:21 CEST 2013

Joshua Landau < at> writes:

> Firstly, describing someone's behaviour and describing someone's
> character are two completely different things.

I agree with that.

> Antoon is describing people's character.

I disagree with that. To merely describe someone as “incompetent” is not
to describe their behaviour: they are not competent to do what they are
attempting, which is not a judgement on their character. Just as to
merely describe someone as “ignorant” is to describe their lack of
knowledge in some area, and is not a judgement on their character.

Even character judgements can be appropriate, so long as they are
salient to the acceptable behaviours in this forum; there are many
character attributes that are incompatible with this community.

So since both accurate description of actions and character judgement
can be appropriate for discussing acceptable behaviour here, I'll thank
you not to make absolute prohibitions against either.

> You are talking about describing their actions.


Since you seem to be imputing character judgements to descriptions which
are accurate descriptions of behaviour, I think we've found the root of
the disagreement. I've made my position clear and will let it rest there.

> Calling someone incompetent is an attack

It can be part of an attack, but in itself is merely a description of
someone's behaviour.

> If you cannot see the difference, I'm not sure what more I can say.

Likewise. Thanks for caring enough about this community to act in the
interest of keeping it open, considerate, and respectful.

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