python adds an extra half space when reading from a string or list

rurpy at rurpy at
Thu Jul 4 07:44:14 CEST 2013

On 07/03/2013 09:07 PM, rusi wrote:
> I got into it because I felt Chris had done more service to Nikos and
> the list than others and then was being misrepresented.

I don't know why you think I "misrepresented" him.  I questioned
the morality of his accepting access to Nikos' server and then
doing what he did.  If you think it is a black-and-white question
then you are welcome to your opinion but you are wrong.  Somebody
needed to point out the other side even if it happens to be a 
minority opinion here.

Those actions of Chris and their morality are independent of 
any other help he did or did not provide Nikos which is why I 
clipped that part.  (For the record I could post links to a 
number of distinctly unhelpful posts Chris also made to Nikos
but I am not disputing in general Chris' efforts here.) 

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