python adds an extra half space when reading from a string or list

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Thu Jul 4 10:50:26 CEST 2013

Am Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2013 19:01:23 UTC+2 schrieb ru... at
> On 07/03/2013 08:12 AM, feedthetroll at wrote:
>>> Am Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2013 12:00:14 UTC+2 schrieb Νίκος:
>>>>> Στις 3/7/2013 12:45 μμ, ο/η Chris Angelico έγραψε:
>>>>>>>>> ] You have betrayed the trust of all your customers.
>>>>> ...
>>>>> I just received a call form on of my customers asking me to explain your 
>>>>> mail ...
>>>>> Of course i should have give you the root pass(it was indeed stupid), 
>>>>> but you violated my trust.
>>>>> You should have been clear that you didnt want to help and not asking me 
>>>>> via private mail for the root pass.
>>> May i cite:
>>> Am Dienstag, 4. Juni 2013 19:12:41 UTC+2 schrieb Νικόλαος Κούρας:
>>>>> Τη Τρίτη, 4 Ιουνίου 2013 8:09:18 μ.μ. UTC+3, ο χρήστης Chris Angelico 
>>>>> έγραψε:
>>>>>>> On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 3:02 AM, Νικόλαος Κούρας <nikos.gr33k at>
>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>>>> I'm willing to let someone with full root access to my webhost to see 
>>>>>>>>> thigns from the inside.
>>>>>>>>> ...
>>>>>>> You need to read up on what happens when you enter Dummy Mode and give
>>>>>>> someone full root access to your web host. You really REALLY need to
>>>>>>> understand what that means before you offer random strangers that kind
>>>>>>> of access to someone else's data.
>>> *************************************************************************
>>> *************************************************************************
>>>>>>> I've half a mind to take you up on your offer, then go look for
>>>>>>> personal and private info from your clients, and email it to them
>>>>>>> (along with a link to this thread) to point out what's going on.
>>> *************************************************************************
>>> *************************************************************************
>>>>>>> ChrisA
>>>>> I know what full root access mean.
>>>>> I also trust you.
>>>>> ...
>>> Am Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013 00:12:26 UTC+2 schrieb Chris Angelico:
>>>>> The call is strong... I could rule the galaxy alongside my father...
>>>>> I've searched my feelings, and I know this to be true!
>>> *************************************************************************
>>> *************************************************************************
>>>>> Okay. I accept. I'll **do as I promised.** Might be interesting, and
>>>>> educative - for someone, at least.
>>> *************************************************************************
>>> *************************************************************************
>>> [emphasis added for those, who do not want to read the whole post]
>>> Any questions?
> Yes.  

Ahhh! Like you I *love* to answer rhetorical questions. ;-)

> If you tell someone you're going to beat them up but 
> they don't take you seriously because they are naive, 
> or they think you're kidding, or they don't understand 
> you because you told them in hints rather than directly, 
> is it ok to beat them up?

Yes, or the police would have to arrest every participant of a boxing, martial arts, ... championship.

> Are the existence of laws against beating people up
> negated because you told them in advance?  Or negated
> because they "deserve" the beating?

Yes, or every M.D. would be arrested. You allow him to cut your body and therefore it's O.K.

> Does it make any difference if they contribute to
> their own beating, say by showing up at a designated
> place and time?

Yes. In case of a punchfest (is this correct in english, the german word is "Massenschlägerei") *every* participant is convicted.

> Does it make any difference if the beating is for 
> their own good?  (In the beater's opinion?)  (In
> the majority opinion?)

Yes. In case the one who confirms the "their own good" is an accredited specialist (psychiatrist, judge [yes there is corporal punishment in many, many legal systems, established and endorsed by majority opinion], ...)

> I am sorry Mr/Ms. FeedTheTroll for being so dumb.  

I forgive, no problem ;-)
And, if you have to be personal on a public list, I would prefer Mrs.

> I know the answers to all these questions are obvious 
> to everyone else here but I am not sure about them.

Then I hope, I was able to enlighten you. ;-)

btw: Highly offtopic. Therefore I'm out.

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