python adds an extra half space when reading from a string or list

Steve Simmons square.steve at
Wed Jul 3 18:42:50 CEST 2013

On 03/07/2013 16:44, Chris Angelico wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 4, 2013 at 1:36 AM, Νίκος <nikos at> wrote:
>> I will *not* give away my root pass to anyone for any reason but i will open
>> a norla user account for someone if i feel like trusting him and copy my
>> python file to his homr dir to take alook from within.
> Well... well... baby steps. That's something at least. That's still a
> huge level of access, though; with a non-root account on your server,
> I would be able to - I think - read all your customers' code. You
> would have to chroot the user you give, and if you're going to do
> that, you may as well just give the code as a .py file. Really, you
> need to have a MUCH stronger respect for shell access, even non-root.
> ChrisA


A hard lesson learnt, I think.  I have read most of the responses to 
your posts but kept my contributions to a minimum.  Here's my advice to you:

1.  Don't trust ANYBODY on the internet unless you have thought 
carefully about what you are being offered.
2.  Do seriously consider following advice from this list, especially 
the advice to read external references and documents - obviously subject 
to point 1 :-)
3.  Don't EVER compromise security for some real or imagined deadline - 
your customers will probably grumble if you are late but they will 
likely sue you if you compromise their data.  They'll definitely sue if 
you compromise their money in any way.  Chris taught you a valuable 
lesson - hard but valuable.
4.  Take a few hours out and re-read your recent threads.  Pick out the 
constructive advice you have ignored and follow up on it.  It may take 
days or even weeks to get your head around it but IMHO there is huge 
value to be gained from the exercise.

You have taken some big strides over the past several weeks, supported 
by some *very* patient experts, but it is clear you still have plenty to 
learn - pause, read, digest, reflect and then move forward.

Take care


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