python adds an extra half space when reading from a string or list

rusi rustompmody at
Mon Jul 1 20:29:28 CEST 2013

On Monday, July 1, 2013 10:26:21 PM UTC+5:30, Joshua Landau wrote:
> So yes, Antoon Pardon and Nikos, please stop. You are not representing
> the list. 

This 'and' is type-wrong.

> I haven't followed any of the other arguments, true, but you
> two in particular are causing a lot of trouble for the rest of us. 

This thread only makes sense in the context of the last year of threads culminating in the last month of bullshit that this list is drowning under.

> It is not hard to avoid making your disagreements public.

The reverse is also true in general and more appropriate in this case.
Sometimes the consequences of not speaking up are more tragic than speaking too much, see

Yeah sure, abusive posts, derogatory remarks, snide baiting etc is a problem.

However when you take Alex sarcastic comment
"rename comp.lang.python to"
and see the seriousness behind the sarcasm, you would find a considerably bigger problem -- the python list is stopping to be a python list.

In short if you agree and expand on only the first part of my request

> - No discussions about Nikos specifically or trolling/flaming in general

without the second

> - No answers to anything he asks

then we are not in agreement.

Let me end with 2 points:
1. If this discussion is to go beyond name-calling and over-specific, under-effective bandaids to getting a real grasp of the problem and hopefully a real solution, it would be good if people could familiarize themselves with the paradigm called "tragedy of the commons"

2. Steven's "I am kill-filing you for a month" will have a salutary effect on all only if we all do it.

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