python adds an extra half space when reading from a string or list

Joshua Landau at
Mon Jul 1 21:16:40 CEST 2013

On 1 July 2013 19:29, rusi <rustompmody at> wrote:
> On Monday, July 1, 2013 10:26:21 PM UTC+5:30, Joshua Landau wrote:
>> So yes, Antoon Pardon and Nikos, please stop. You are not representing
>> the list.
> This 'and' is type-wrong.

I don't follow.

>> I haven't followed any of the other arguments, true, but you
>> two in particular are causing a lot of trouble for the rest of us.
> This thread only makes sense in the context of the last year of threads culminating in the last month of bullshit that this list is drowning under.

Yes, but I followed that. What I haven't followed are the
probably-100-post-long "wars" that are happening in other threads
between specific individuals who I can't be bothered to look up. So I
don't know who else has been slandering off of this thread.

>> It is not hard to avoid making your disagreements public.
> The reverse is also true in general and more appropriate in this case.
> Sometimes the consequences of not speaking up are more tragic than speaking too much, see

That's hardly relevant. Nikos isn't "targeting" any minority.

> Yeah sure, abusive posts, derogatory remarks, snide baiting etc is a problem.
> However when you take Alex sarcastic comment
> "rename comp.lang.python to"
> and see the seriousness behind the sarcasm, you would find a considerably bigger problem -- the python list is stopping to be a python list.

No it hasn't. Nikos is a fraction of this list, and over the past
while has shrunk far below his peak. The people spewing insults
(including Nikos, but he's said he'll stop and I respect him for that)
are a much more voluminous sect of this list and a much bigger

> In short if you agree and expand on only the first part of my request
>> - No discussions about Nikos specifically or trolling/flaming in general

I don't care whether people "discuss" Nikos. I care whether they
insult people, flame people and whether they act derogatorily. That is
uncalled for. Python-List is known for going off-topic, *but we should
not be known for insults*. This is especially true as only two people
have been insulting on this thread -- none of the others have endorsed
it. If []
applies to any situation here, it's your lack of appreciation of the
fact that these insults are harming people.

> without the second
>> - No answers to anything he asks
> then we are not in agreement.

And that is why I disagreed with you. I feel that your post implied
either everyone "STFU" or I'm OK with insults. It's not that. It's
"STFU", or don't, but insults are not OK. Ever.

> Let me end with 2 points:
> 1. If this discussion is to go beyond name-calling and over-specific, under-effective bandaids to getting a real grasp of the problem and hopefully a real solution, it would be good if people could familiarize themselves with the paradigm called "tragedy of the commons"

That doesn't apply here.

> 2. Steven's "I am kill-filing you for a month" will have a salutary effect on all only if we all do it.

Good for him. I prefer not to kill-fire - I don't even know how yet -
because it's easy enough to ignore posts. But that's fine - it's his
choice and it's not a bad one.

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