python adds an extra half space when reading from a string or list

Νίκος nikos at
Mon Jul 1 18:36:23 CEST 2013

Στις 1/7/2013 6:34 μμ, ο/η Steven D'Aprano έγραψε:
>>> The above of course assumes that I have not kill-filed you for
>>> continuing to be abusive on-list.
>> So, Steven you want me to sit tight and read all the insults coming from
>> this guy?
>> If that happened to you, wouldn't you feel the need and urge to reply
>> back and stand for yourself?
> "Stand up for yourself" and "be abusive" are two different things. I told
> you, I don't care what you do off-list, but if you continue flaming on-
> list, I will kill-file you.

I was name called directly, as "incompetent jerk", thats a 
straightforward insult, so i responded back to him in the same manner.

I'm not saying it was a nice thing to do, but i just had enough.

What is now proved was at first only imagined!

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