OSError [Errno 26] ?!?!

Νίκος nikos at superhost.gr
Tue Jul 2 14:39:08 CEST 2013

Στις 2/7/2013 3:00 μμ, ο/η Dave Angel έγραψε:
ou need to reconfigure FileZilla then.  Site Manager (first icon on
>> the toolbar) → your site → Charset → Force UTF-8.
> Much better:  upload all files as binary, so they are byte for byte
> identical on both systems.  Sometimes that might require some local
> preparing, but that beats strange problems with encodings, line endings,
> etc.

I currently have it on Auto-Detect.
I think its smart enough what is a binary file and what is an ASCII 
script, not sure though.

> Once you have done my suggestions above, a single rsynch command will
> upload any files that have changed, without you specifying which ones
> they are.  So you don't need the "integrated file transfer feature" of
> various editors & guis.  You just run one batch file which you set up,
> and when it finishes, the systems will match.

How and from where should i use rsync?

I currently ditched FileZilla and start using CrossFTP Pro.
I searched inside it but i have seen  no rsync command/method just 
"Synchronized Browsing"

>> Under Windows?  I suggest installing Cygwin or switching over to
>> Linux, for your sanity.  If you don’t want either, look for a Windows
>> port of rsync.  The next step is to read the included man page.
> rsynch has lots of option switches, but once set up, it's trivial to use.

Is rsync a command on the remote server or can be found as a standalone 
tool too?

Please suggest an editor that has built in rsync ability so to 
immediately upload my cgi-scripts when i hit save in the text editor.

How do you guys upload your files/scripts to remote hosts ?

What is now proved was at first only imagined!

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