Python list code of conduct

Skip Montanaro skip at
Tue Jul 2 22:33:42 CEST 2013

> Does this list have a code of conduct or a netiqeutte (sp?) statement/requirement?
> If not, should it?

No, and probably not.  As Joshua Landau indicated, nobody reads the
user manual anyway.  In addition, this mailing list is not currently
moderated in an approve-each-message sort of way (and I doubt anyone
wants to take on that task).  The gateway with comp.lang.python makes
things somewhat worse I would think.  I've forgotten how Usenet works
for moderation (far too many dead neurons ago), but I doubt it would
be all that effective.  ISTR moderation is done using a simple header
which can be faked.

If someone annoys you to no end, I think your best recourse is to
ignore their posts or ignore threads which seem to generate more heat
than light.

In the old Usenet days, periodic (monthly?) posting of FAQs was common
in many newsgroups. Ignoring fake newsgroups like the stuff that
Google Groups and Gmane create, this mailing list is my only exposure
to Usenet.  I have no idea if periodic FAQ posting is common practice
anymore.  It might be worthwhile to create one if it's kept fairly
brief and to the point.


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