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Wed Jul 3 00:39:59 CEST 2013

Steve Simmons <square.steve at> writes:

> It probably isn't the best time to start this post but I was
> wondering...

An excellent time to raise this, in my opinion. Thank you for doing so.

> Does this list have a code of conduct or a netiqeutte (sp?)
> statement/requirement? 

This forum (both a Usenet newsgroup and a mailing list) is part of the
Python community. So the “Python Community Code of Conduct” applies.


That was formed by the Python community and adopted by our gracious
hosts, the Python Software Foundation, who provide this forum for our

> The reason I ask is that it seems to me that if we (the current
> membership of the list) could agree to a set of preferred/required
> behaviours we would at least have a framework by which to measure
> unwelcome posts.

I welcome use of the above code of conduct to guide social norms in this

> And, more importantly, to guide newcomers in understanding that we are
> enthusiasts who choose to discuss Python and *voluntarily* help solve
> problems with Python for the less experienced members.


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