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> > If you find a bug in Python, don't send it to comp.lang.python; file 
> > a bug report in the issue tracker. 
> I'm not sure I agree with that one, at least not fully.  It's certainly 
> true that you shouldn't expect anybody to do anything about a bug unless 
> you open an issue.
> On the other hand, I often find it useful to discuss things that I 
> believe are bugs on c.l.p first.  Sometimes people will explain to me 
> that I'm just doing it wrong.  Sometimes the discussion will end up 
> with, "Yeah, that's a bug".  In either case, it serves as a good initial 
> filter for whether I should file a bug or not, and the discussion is 
> often educational.

For the record, those are not my words, rather a quote from the 
"charter" for this forum on  I 
think the point of the quoted words is not to discourage discussion here 
but rather a reminder about the role of the issue tracker.  As you say, 
don't expect anybody to do anything about it without an issue on the 

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