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Wed Jul 3 08:18:43 CEST 2013

On 7/2/2013 7:46 PM, Roy Smith wrote:
> In article <mailman.4125.1372798337.3114.python-list at>,
>   Ned Deily <nad at> wrote:
>> If you find a bug in Python, don't send it to comp.lang.python; file
>> a bug report in the issue tracker.

I would revise this to "If you are have really found a bug in Python..."
How does a newbie know?

> I'm not sure I agree with that one, at least not fully.  It's certainly
> true that you shouldn't expect anybody to do anything about a bug unless
> you open an issue.
> On the other hand, I often find it useful to discuss things that I
> believe are bugs on c.l.p first.  Sometimes people will explain to me
> that I'm just doing it wrong.  Sometimes the discussion will end up
> with, "Yeah, that's a bug".

usually followed by "File a tracker issue" or "I opened an tracker issue 
for this." (I have done that several times, though I sometimes prefer a 
person learn how to do it themselves.)

 >   In either case, it serves as a good initial
> filter for whether I should file a bug or not, and the discussion is
> often educational.

Ask here first.
With a subject line that says 'I think ...' or "Problem with ...'

1. At least half the bugs newbies report are not. The tracker does not 
need the extra clutter.
2. Filing a tracker issue sometimes creates a 'mental investment' in the 
mis-perception, which leads to resentment upon explanation.
3. There are lots of people here ready to help and answer questions.
Any sensible question usually gets multiple responses, usually within a 
few hours or a day. (Invalid tracker reports may sit for days and get 
one short response.)
4. Explanations posted here benefit lots of people, rather than just 1.
5. A question posted here may elicit essential information, like which 
systems or which versions have the problem.
6. If you make an informed post to the tracker backed up by at least 
opinion, at least one tracker responder be in a better mode when responding.

Terry Jan Reedy

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