how to calculate reputation

Mark Janssen dreamingforward at
Wed Jul 3 02:05:35 CEST 2013

> Hi all, this seems to be quite stupid question but I am "confused"..
> We set the initial value to 0, +1 for up-vote and -1 for down-vote! nice.
> I have a list of bool values True, False (True for up vote, False for
> down-vote).. submitted by users.
> should I take True = +1, False=0  [or] True = +1, False=-1 ?? for adding
> all.
> I am missing something here.. and that's clear.. anyone please help me on
> it?

If False is representing a down-vote, like you say, then you have to
incorporate that information, in which case False=-1  ==> a user not
merely ignored another user, but marked him/her down.

Tacoma, Washington

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