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>On Thursday, July 4, 2013 7:03:19 PM UTC+5:30, Steve Simmons wrote:
>> Boy oh boy! You really are a slow learner Nicos. You have just
>offered to 
>> commit a crime and to include dozens of others in that crime ON A
>> FORUM. Please think before you post. 
>For the record Steve, let me say, I find Robert Kern's objection barely
>And yours less than that.
>Note that you are not objecting to the crime but to the public
>expression of it.
>Just look at your objection from the angle of a police officer, and you
>will see that it can certainly be construed as abetment/collusion (or
>whatever is the legalistic jargon. Obviously IANAL)
>For the sake of covering my own arse let me say:
>1. I have earlier described Nikos as a petty-criminal and consider
>myself justified.
>2. I have earlier described condoning him as collusion and I reiterate
>that claim.
>And I add
>3. The collective actions of this list will help determine further
>whether he climbs or descends the criminal ladder.
>Beyond that I reiterate what I said earlier in this thread: These
>discussions  'in-band' are counter-productive.
>Setting up something like an invite-only yahoo or google group or some
>such to discuss this is free and takes 5 minutes.
>I would have offered to do it but some people like Joshua Landau seem
>to think I am interested in world (aka Python-list) domination so not
>I was actually going to suggest that Steven d'Aprano do it. However
>before I could do that, he said (in CoC thread) that policing is not
>possible. Saddens me...
>So I am suggesting you do it.
>If I am invited I will contribute my 2c. If not, no objection: I dont
>consider myself a very important member of this list.
>And yes: I hope you will consider rewording your objection, if not
>anything to cover your own you-know-what-where!!

Frankly, I don't give a tinkers cuss whether Nicos gets a visit from the police, FAST or the Greek secret service.   Like too many others, I gave him some advice and within 24 hours he has demonstrated that he didn't see any value in that advice.  Fair enough, it's not my problem. 
For my part, I have pointed out the folly of his ways and now reiterated, maybe too politely, that he has let himself down again.  Robert Kern had already given him a blunt response that such communication is unwelcome and I felt no need to reinforce it. 
If the police or any other authority are 'on my trail' they are welcome to visit my house where they will find absolutely no trace of any kind of crime (unless they check how badly I've ignored the need to redecorate). And just for the record, the lack of evidence of crime will not be because I covered it up really well but because "there ain't none guv".
I absolutely agree that the ongoing debate about Nicos' behaviour and the finer points of how various members of this list have reacted has become more than a little tiresome and it is high time it moved to another medium.  However, with no guidelines in place and no sanctions available, any discussion - on or off list - had precious little value. I still think the CoC idea has some merit but with just a few notable exceptions the response has been pretty lukewarm. Likewise,  I don't contribute much to this list - as a newcomer to python I don't have to much to offer - but I mostly enjoy being a small part of it and I would be happy to make a contribution to the CoC if I felt that the end result would be both useful and welcomed. 


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