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> Στις 4/7/2013 9:40 μμ, ο/η Grant Edwards έγραψε:
>  On 2013-07-04, ?????????? <nikos at> wrote:
>>> If you guys want to use it i can send you a patch for it. I know its
>>> illegal thing to say but it will help you use it without buying it.
>> A new low.  Now he's offering to help people steal others' work.
> Like you never downloaded serials/keygens/patch/cracks for warez and
> torrents websites.
> What a intensions was to help the OP.

No, I don't.  Ever.  And I imagine many others on this list are the same
way.  If I don't want to pay asking price for a product, I won't use it.
 Period.  There's an open source solution to almost everything.  Learn to
use that instead.

Since many people on this list are in the business of making software, I'd
be willing to bet you are in the minority here. (The rather despised
minority, based on previous comments).  Even people that strongly believe
all software should be free would avoid Sublime Text (or start an inspired
open source project), not crack it.  Example: look at the history of git.

What you are doing (and offering to help others do in a public forum)
damages the very product you claim to like.  Commercial software is
maintained and improved by the funding provided by product sales, which you
deprive them of by your behavior.

The original offer was misguided at best, but this attempted defense that
casts everyone else down to your level (and avoids admitting wrongdoing) is
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