Important features for editors

Tim Chase python.list at
Thu Jul 4 15:22:26 CEST 2013

On 2013-07-04 05:02, Dave Angel wrote:
[snip an excellent list of things to look for in an editor]


- the ability to perform changes in bulk, especially across files.
  Often, this is done with the ability to record/playback macros,
  though some editors have multiple insertion/edit cursors; others
  allow for performing a bulk-change command across the entire file
  or list of files.

- folding (the ability to collapse multiple lines of text down to one
  line).  Especially if there are various ways to do it (manual
  folding, language-block folding, folding by indentation)

- multiple clipboard buffers/registers

- multiple bookmarks

- the ability to interact with external programs (piping a portion of
  a file through an external utility)

- a good community around it in case you have questions

- easy navigation to "important" things in your file (where
  "important" may vary based on file-type, but may include function
  definitions, paragraph boundaries, matching
  paren/bracket/brace/tag, etc)

Other nice-to-haves include

- split window editing
- tabbed windows
- Unicode support (including various encodings)
- ;-)

> Candidates?
>     emacs  - standard on most OS's, available for Windows from

And I'll put in a plug for Vim.


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