Beginner - GUI devlopment in Tkinter - Any IDE with drag and drop feature like Visual Studio?

Dave Cook davecook at
Fri Jul 5 08:52:48 CEST 2013

On 2013-07-04, Aseem Bansal <asmbansal2 at> wrote:

> I have been searching all over google but couldn't find any IDE that
> has drag-and-drop feature for Python GUI development.

If you want something like Visual Studio, you could try IronPython:

For any moderatley complex cross-platform application, I would suggest
moving on to wxPython, PyQt, or PySide (the latter two both based on
Qt).  Then try wxFormBuilder, wxGlade, or Qt Designer.

Generally, I'd prefer using PyQt/PySide, because Qt has the more
uniform API.  I use wxPython for commercial work because it had the
more liberal license at the time I started using it (PySide was not
available at that time).  

As far as features and maturity go, I think both wx and Qt are fairly
equal. Qt has become more popular for scientific work.

PyGtk and Glade are another option, particularly on Linux, though I
think wx or Qt still have better compatibility with Win32 or OS X.  

For OS X only, PyObjC and XCode are an option.

While they are a tool that can save time, it's pretty easy to bump
into the limitations of form designers.  It's best to lower ones
expectations about how much coding can be offloaded onto a form

> I came across somewhere that eclipse's pydev plugin can be used but
> couldn't find anything on its website.

The only form builders for Eclipse that I'm aware of are for Swing or
SWT.  You would need to use Jython (if you want to stick with a Python
implementation) to interface with these.

Dave Cook

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