Beginner - GUI devlopment in Tkinter - Any IDE with drag and drop feature like Visual Studio?

Aseem Bansal asmbansal2 at
Sat Jul 20 09:59:00 CEST 2013

After considering all the options suggested here I decided to use PySide/QtCreator as was suggested by Dave Cook. I created a simple GUI with QtCreator and found a way to convert .ui files to .py files. So far so good.

But now I am having some confusion about the correct tools to use for PySide and I am stuck due to that. I explored the PySide wiki and discussed the confusion on Qt-forums but that didn't help much. The url of that discussion is given below(without backslashes to avoid it being shortened). Just using this on google you can easily find the discussion.  forums   viewthread  30114

Do I need to use QtCreator with PySide if I want drag-and-drop feature for GUI development? Do I need to install Qt? If yes, which version - 4.8 or 5.1? 

Can I use cxfreeze to make exe files from the GUI developed? I used it for pure Python files and it worked. The size of the file was big but it worked with me having to install Python on another computer. I tried to use cxfreeze on the GUI Python script that I was finally able to make. Some exe was made but no GUI started when I ran the exe. Is that a problem with cxfreeze or me having wrong tools installed?

Any help is appreciated.

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